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Nicole Bahls showing off her skills at the beach. This is what a yellow bikini is supposed to look like. This chick’s definitely no supermodel, but the fact that she always seems to wear thong bikinis that show off her sweet ass and giant floatation devices more than makes up for it.

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I figured since we teased everyone with so many sexy pictures of Nicole Bahls in a tiny bikini that now it’s probably time to post some of her topless pics. Just as you imagined, she has great tits and they look just as good uncovered as they did in those itsy bitsy bikini’s. She has to be damn near the best Brazilian model to ever live.

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We didn’t have any plans to post more Nicole Bahls bikini pictures nay time soon, but they just keep getting better. In a couple of these newest pics we even get a slight nipple slip along with the best ass shot I’ve seen in a long time.

You would need a crowbar to pry me off this chick.

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Nicole Bahls took her fine ass to Rio for some fun in the sun on Pepe Beach. I can tell she must make nice living for herself as a bikini model. She’s not even posing for pictures here, but she still looks better than 90% of those skinny crack whore models we usually see.

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Last last week we discovered the almost unknown Nicole Bahls and now she has taken our free publicity and ran with it. Check her out getting all hot and sweaty in a skimpy little hooker dress in front of a bunch of cameras.

Thanks to John for finding out just who the fuck she even is. Apparently she’s a stage assistant for a Brazilian tv show called “Panico.”

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Nicole Bahls Bikini

Who is Nicole Bahls? That’s a good question. I even did a Google search and I couldn’t find shit. All I know is she has a fat ass that I’d I’d love to tap, and she looks pretty damn good in a bikini.

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